Discover GISCAN

GISCAN ltd is a start-up specialised in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). High-Tech and open -source driven, GISCAN brought together, experts from different fields to develop innovative and tailor-made solutions for clients in different sectors.

A a reliable partner, GISCAN provides decision-making tools through analytical and technical surveys and assist companies in setting up consistent solutions in a timely manner. 




Founder of GISCAN

GIS Consultant, Designer / Drone creator

Pascaline Alexandre


Competitive Intelligence  and Strategic Communication Specialist

Mathieu Hérault


Aeronautic Specialist

Mathieu Reveillas


Ecologist and naturalist Engineer


Add VALUE to your GIS
  • Highlight your data so that it becomes a real decision-making tool.
  • Make GIS fully operational
  • Access and manage your GIS internally or externally via our secure online webmapping. Through this environment, members of the organization can use maps to explore data, create and share maps.


Spatial and Temporal Analysis

Our process of data acquisition is not limited to raw data or an orthophoto resulting from the photogrammetric process. We go further:

  •  Quantification of agricultural damage,
  •  Risk simulation (flooding, landslides, etc.),
  •  Analysis of plant production,
  •  Automated counting of plants (example: vineyards)
  •  Generating Digital Surface model based on Digital Terrain model
  •  Volume calculation
  •  Assessment of element’s height (Buildings, Trees …) Comparison and analysis with spatial evolutions over several years,
  •  Sequential analysis and comparison of spatial data evolution
  •  Object detection

Custom GIS Application

Realisation of tailored applications based on the needs of each client.


Powerful Algorithms

GISCAN Ltd provides key solutions based on latest technologies to meet specific needs of clients within limited time frames.

Well-versed in programming, GISCAN team develops its own algorithms to automate processes and personalise GIS applications.

High Performance method of Calculation

GISCAN possesses powerful workstations to support GIS, photogrammetric and webmapping processes.

GISCANs’ multiple servers are housed at different development institutions worldwide to ensure high availability and performance.

Open Source

GISCAN Ltd is open source oriented. It promotes open source software programs in all its work processes and embraces principles of open exchange, collaborative participation, rapid prototyping, transparency and community-oriented development.

GISCAN team actively participates in open source projects within its fields (GIS, Linux, software drone, hardware drone, GPS)

Our company is a member of Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGEO)


GISCAN has a small yet efficient fleet of UAV (drone and planes) to meet each and every demand. While design and manufacturing development are carried out in-house, engineers pay much attention to flight time limitations at each conception phase –  thus, ensuring flight duration of 15 minutes to one hour.


Research, Know-How, Consulting
Personalised Support and Technical Assistance
Data Acquisition


BIG DATA : Mapping a Town of 33km² with a drone

Flying a whole town of 33km²  with a drone seems a big challenge to be taken up. As part of GISCAN ‘s Research and Development projectS, our team decided to carry out an experiment to eval…
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