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GISCAN Ltd is a franco-mauritian company, specialised in Geographical Information Systems (GIS). Founded in 2015, GISCAN is a high-tech and open-source driven company, which aims at providing innovative and tailor-made solutions to clients in different sectors.

GISCAN is positioned as a one-stop shop in providing sustainable and cost-effective GIS solutions to improve efficiency and productivity of the client’s company.
As a reliable partner, GISCAN assists companies in setting up consistent solutions in a timely manner and ensures that the client’s objectives are fulfilled.

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Founder's Profile


Director and Founder of GISCAN Ltd

With more than 15 years’ experience in the field of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) within different sectors, Sylvain decided to work for himself and created his company named GISCAN.

Founded in 2015, GISCAN is a start-up specialized in GIS solutions, remote sensing, artificial intelligence and deep learning.

Graduated in Geography with a specialization in GIS and Computer Science at the University of Bordeaux, France, Sylvain is a passionate believer and advocate of open source in daily life. According to him, open source offers huge opportunities in terms of pro-active problem-solving solutions, sharing of information management and processing of data.

His expertise encompassed exploitation and operation of GIS software (geographical interpretation, relational database management, coordinated systems), and effective utilization of complementary tools such as web mapping, interpretation of aerial and satellite photography and so forth.

Considered as a geek, Sylvain has developed his own GIS tools to provide tailor-made solutions in different projects, thus enhancing client’s experience and autonomy.

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