3D model of mountain Le Morne in Mauritius

Le Morne Brabant en 3d

The famous mountain Morne Brabant located in Mauritius in the Indian Ocean visible here in 3D. Realized from from GIS (Geographic Information System) data : Digital Terrain Model and Aerial Orthophotgraphy. Morne Brabant – Mauritius by giscan   Watch also in our website with embeded webgl from Qgis :   Enjoy !

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3D Model from drone data

From the data acquired on Blanquefort (see article published previously for more details =>, it was possible to generate a precise 3D model of the fortress of Blanquefort thanks to the photogrammetric process. The fortress of Blanquefort is a must for the historical visit of the heritage of Blanquefort (town of Gironde, 33290). Currently […]

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