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Analysis, Technical Expertise and Consulting
GISCAN proposes a comprehensive approach for sustainable and effective results.Technical audits and surveys on geospatial architectures are carried out by our professional team.A broad analysis of the situation will enable our team to provide adapted support to business, authorities and other organisations in the implementation of GIS solutions.Our experienced and diversified team are dedicated in offering professional and customized services as well as smooth integration of solutions through follow-up and training sessions.

Technical Expertise
– Audit (Evaluation),– Draft-design phase before project– Costs Analysis,– Feasibility study

GIS Services
– Spatial analysis,– Technical assistance,– Database management,– Webmapping

Research and Development
GISCAN aims at providing competitive priced solutions with high turnover and value. Through constant technological monitoring, GISCAN develops its own solutions (tested and applied) with up to date open-source methods for clients or for its own research work (GIS, UAV).Need assistance on GIS Research Analysis or any other related fields? GISCAN, through its dedicated team can assist you in developing YOUR own solution!Contact us for more information!

Plugin development, 3D, scripts, python, webmapping, modeling, cartographic production, automation, performance